Our company
Erre Gomma offers an extensive package of services and support with:
- Rubber  roller coverings

- Grinding or grooving service only

- Roller maintenance (core repairs and rubberizing process)

- New shaft manufacturing
Since 1989 Erre Gomma has been manufacturing RUBBER and POLYURETHANE ROLLER COVERINGS for almost every field of industrial applications.
Rulli gommati  
The rich knowledge derived from years of processing and practice fulfils the most stringent requirements on a wide range of applications and exactly in the textile industry, plastic industry, printing industry, paper industry,
Investment in the Future. The quality and the reliability of the products represent the keystone of success in business so  Erre Gomma invests heavily and constantly in the innovative technology.
  Rivestimento rulli
Gommatura rulli   Recently The Company has  invested in a new rotational casting plant for POLYURETHANE COVERINGS, which assures a complete replay  to the market needs.
The technical effort of Erre Gomma is based on meeting customer specific requirements and on recommending the appropriate materials to solve application problems.
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